Commit 27beb944 authored by Xavier Leroy's avatar Xavier Leroy
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Do not use -warn-error when building from a release tarball

Stopping on warnings is useful for development builds, but unhelpful
for released software.
parent e87f2457
......@@ -50,13 +50,20 @@ INCLUDES=$(patsubst %,-I %, $(DIRS))
# Control of warnings:
WARNINGS=-w +a-4-9-27 -strict-sequence -safe-string -warn-error +a #Deprication returns with ocaml 4.03
WARNINGS=-w +a-4-9-27
extraction/%.cmx: WARNINGS +=-w -20-27-32..34-39-41-44..45-60-67
extraction/%.cmo: WARNINGS +=-w -20-27-32..34-39-41-44..45-60-67
cparser/pre_parser.cmx: WARNINGS += -w -41
cparser/pre_parser.cmo: WARNINGS += -w -41
# Turn warnings into errors, but not for released tarballs
ifeq ($(wildcard .git),.git)
WARN_ERRORS=-warn-error +a
COMPFLAGS+=-g -strict-sequence -safe-string $(INCLUDES) -I "$(MENHIR_DIR)" $(WARNINGS) $(WARN_ERRORS)
# Using .opt compilers if available
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