Commit 88885e86 authored by Alexis Carlotti's avatar Alexis Carlotti
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Merge branch 'avigan' into 'master'

Merge branch avigan into master

See merge request !6
parents b2e4a9f6 7a661099
......@@ -830,7 +830,7 @@ for i in range(len(HA_vect)):
fits.setval(image_filename, 'APODIZER', value=APODIZER)
fits.setval(image_filename, 'FPM', value=FPM)
image_filename_nomask = path_directory + 'PSF_HALO_ON_notmasked_centered_Nexp{0:04d}.fits'.format(i)
image_filename_nomask = path_directory + 'PSF_HALO_ON_notmasked_notcentered_Nexp{0:04d}.fits'.format(i)
fits.writeto(image_filename_nomask, I_temp_nomask)
fits.setval(image_filename_nomask, 'ORIGIN', value='ESO-ARMAZONES')
fits.setval(image_filename_nomask, 'TELESCOP', value='ESO-ELT')
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