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> cd harmoni-hc
> python install
## Simulating high-contrast images
`````` is the main piece of code that simulates high-contrast images.
The principal parameters of the simulation are:
- the path to the main directory, i.e., the directory in which `````` is located
- the seeing [JQ1, JQ2, MED, JQ3]
- the observation band [H+K, H, K, H_high, K1_high, K2_high & debugging bands]
- the apodizer [SP1 (5 lambda/D) / SP2 (7 lambda/D)]
- the star declination
- the star mean hour angle over the observation
- the observation total duration [currently limited to 2h]
The other parameters correspond to the specifications of HARMONI & ELT.
If changed, the simulations will not reflect the physics of the instrument.
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