Commit 428dab60 authored by Arthur Vigan's avatar Arthur Vigan
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Cosmetics in code

parent 407f131f
......@@ -846,10 +846,5 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
SR_filename = path_directory + 'SR.fits'
fits.writeto(SR_filename, SR)'Total time: {0:.2f} min'.format((time.time()-start_time)/60))
#save(['DATA_Aberrations_CONFIG=' CONFIG '_DEC=' num2str(DEC) 'deg_TimeBetweenExp=' num2str(TIMEBETWEENEXPOSURES) 'min_MeanTimeAfterMeridian=' num2str(HA_offset) 'h.dat'], 'DATA_AB')
#movefile([path_directory '.txt'], path_directory)
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