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Doc of utils.readParamsFromTable() hopefully improved

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......@@ -792,8 +792,7 @@ def readParamsFromTable(tableFileLine=None,noTableOk=True,unknownOk=False,**kw):
All parameters (default as well as settable) are saved using :yref:`yade.utils.saveVars`\ ``('table')``.
:param tableFile: text file (with one value per blank-separated columns)
:param int tableLine: number of line where to get the values from
:param tableFileLine: string attribute to define which line number (as seen in a text editor) from wich text file (with one value per blank-separated columns) to get the values from. A ':' should appear between the two informations, e.g. 'file.table:4' to read the 4th line from file.table file
:param bool noTableOk: if False, raise exception if the file cannot be open; use default values otherwise
:param bool unknownOk: do not raise exception if unknown column name is found in the file, and assign it as well
:return: number of assigned parameters
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