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Remove some machine-specific items in documentation.

This is the first step to remove some machine-specific
items in generated documentation to get a reproducible
builds [1].

parent e6da485b
......@@ -157,14 +157,8 @@ Normal simulations, however, are run continuously. Starting/stopping the loop is
In [1]: O.pause()
In [1]: O.iter
In [1]:,True)
In [1]: O.iter
In [1]: O.stopAtIter=500000
In [1]: O.wait()
......@@ -253,11 +247,9 @@ Entire simulation, i.e. both data and functions, are stored in a single ``Scene`
.. ipython::
Yade [1]: O.bodies # some data components
Yade [2]: len(O.bodies) # there are no bodies as of yet
Yade [1]: len(O.bodies) # there are no bodies as of yet
Yade [3]: O.engines # functional components, empty at the moment
Yade [2]: O.engines # functional components, empty at the moment
Data components
......@@ -288,13 +280,11 @@ Explicitly assigning all 4 properties to each particle by hand would be not prac
.. ipython::
In [3]: s=utils.sphere(center=[0,0,0],radius=1)
In [5]: s.shape, s.state, s.mat, s.bound
In [2]: s=utils.sphere(center=[0,0,0],radius=1)
In [6]: s.state.pos
In [3]: s.state.pos
In [7]: s.shape.radius
In [4]: s.shape.radius
We see that a sphere with material of type :yref:`FrictMat` (default, unless you provide another :yref:`Material`) and bounding volume of type :yref:`Aabb` (axis-aligned bounding box) was created. Its position is at origin and its radius is 1.0. Finally, this object can be inserted into the simulation; and we can insert yet one sphere as well.
......@@ -360,21 +350,21 @@ Suppose now interactions have been already created. We can access them by the id
.. ipython::
In [1]: O.interactions[0,1]
<Interaction instance at 0x93f9528>
In [1]: if (O.interactions[0,1]): print ("Interaction exists!")
Interaction exists!
In [2]: O.interactions[1,0] # order of ids is not important
In [2]: if (O.interactions[1,0]): print ("Interaction exists!") # order of ids is not important
In [2]: i=O.interactions[0,1]
In [3]: i.id1,i.id2
(0, 1)
In [4]: i.geom
<ScGeom instance at 0x9403838>
In [4]: if (i.geom): print ("Geom instance exists!")
Geom instance exists!
In [5]: i.phys
<ElasticContactInteraction instance at 0x94038d0>
In [5]: if (i.phys): print ("Phys instance exists!")
Phys instance exists!
In [6]: O.interactions[100,10111]
ValueError: No such interaction
......@@ -320,8 +320,6 @@ In order to avoid such tasks, shorthand functions are defined in the :yref:`yade
Yade [1]: s=utils.sphere((0,0,0),radius=1) # create sphere particle centered at (0,0,0) with radius=1
Yade [1]: s.shape # s.shape describes the geometry of the particle
Yade [1]: s.shape.radius # we already know the Sphere class
Yade [1]: s.state.mass, s.state.inertia # inertia is computed from density and geometry
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