Commit 0bd81b6a authored by Raphael Maurin's avatar Raphael Maurin
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HydroForceEngine: add a condition to ignore particles fixed on the sideWalls.

parent f358a18b
......@@ -153,6 +153,8 @@ void HydroForceEngine::averageProfile(){
const Real zPos = b->state->pos[2]-zRef;
int Np = floor(zPos/deltaZ); //Define the layer number with 0 corresponding to zRef. Let the z position wrt to zero, that way all z altitude are positive. (otherwise problem with volPart evaluation)
if ((b->state->blockedDOFs==State::DOF_ALL)&&(zPos > s->radius)) continue;// to remove contribution from the fixed particles on the sidewalls.
// Relative fluid/particle velocity using also the associated fluid vel. fluct.
if ((Np>=0)&&(Np<nCell)){
uRel = Vector3r(vxFluid[Np]+vFluctX[b->id], vFluctY[b->id],vFluctZ[b->id]) - b->state->vel;
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