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Commit f6620b33 authored by P-A Bouttier's avatar P-A Bouttier
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Initial commit. For now, the script only prints oar cpu numbers associated...

Initial commit. For now, the script only prints oar cpu numbers associated with machine cpu numbers.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8
import subprocess, os, sys
def get_cpuinfo(f_path):
""" return useful lists from /pro/cpuinfo file"""
command = "cat " + f_path
core_list, proc_list, phys_list = [], [], []
all_info = subprocess.check_output(command, shell=True).strip()
# Get processor, physical and core ids from cpuinfo
for line in all_info.decode().split("\n"):
if "core id" in line:
core_list.append(int(line.split(':')[1].replace(' ','')))
elif "processor" in line:
proc_list.append(int(line.split(':')[1].replace(' ','')))
elif "physical id" in line:
phys_list.append(int(line.split(':')[1].replace(' ','')))
return phys_list, proc_list, core_list
def get_oarinfo(f_path):
"""return cpu numbers from oar for each core"""
command = "cat " + f_path
all_info = subprocess.check_output(command, shell=True).strip()
oar_list = []
for line in all_info.decode().split('\n'):
return oar_list
def associate_info(oar_list, phys_list, proc_list, core_list):
"""Associate cpu numbers from oar to correct cpu numbers
from /proc/cpuinfo"""
cores = list(set(phys_list))
n_cores = len(cores)
c_num = []
for c in cores:
ind = [i for i in range(len(phys_list)) if phys_list[i] == c]
n = int(len(oar_list)/n_cores)
for i in ind[:n]:
# Sorted oar_list?
out = dict(zip(sorted(oar_list), c_num))
if __name__ == "__main__":
phys_list, proc_list, core_list = get_cpuinfo(sys.argv[1])
associate_info(get_oarinfo(sys.argv[2]), phys_list, proc_list, core_list)
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