Commit cf7b1a43 authored by Alexis Brenon's avatar Alexis Brenon
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馃崚 07f9b52d 馃殤 Fix arcades and logger access

parent da3ab209
......@@ -11,20 +11,25 @@ local class, super = torch.class(
function class:__init(args)
super.__init(self, args)
function class:__init(args, dump)
super.__init(self, args, dump)
args = args or {}; dump = dump or {}
self.environment_model = args.environment_model
self.data_path = args.data_path
self.logger:debug("Loading data from '%s'", self.data_path) = self:_parse_data(self.data_path)
if then =
self._logger:debug("Loading data from '%s'", self.data_path) = self:_parse_data(self.data_path)
--- ID (subject index, event index) of the last returned state
-- @within Attributes
-- @tfield number self.last_state[1] Subject ID
-- @tfield number self.last_state[2] Event ID
-- @table self.last_state
self.last_state = {1,0}
self.last_state = dump.last_state or {1,0}
self.max_tries = args.max_tries or 1
self.remaining_tries = args.remaining_tries or self.max_tries
self.remaining_tries = dump.remaining_tries or self.max_tries
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