Commit 1bba4c3c authored by Alexis Brenon's avatar Alexis Brenon
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🍒 857a8c69 Add debug informations in env internal state

This can be used by tools like t-SNE
parent b78e3cca
......@@ -72,7 +72,11 @@ function class:get_expected_action()
function class:set_state(command, location, activity)
-- TODO: remove the location field, rely on _location instead
self.state = {
_command = command, -- For debug, not use in placeholders
_location = location, -- For debug, not use in placeholders
_activity = activity, -- For debug, not use in placeholders
user1inferredcommand = command,
location = location, -- Just for information, not use in placeholders
user1inferredactivity = activity
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