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      import shared files into aikuma folder · 8ec40e1a
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - When GoogleDriveStorage is instantiated, shared files are searched and
        *copied* into the aikuma folder.
      - The folders to which the shared files are added are determined by
        their `aikuma_prefix` property.
      - Copied files are also added to the `trash` directory inside the aikuma
        root folder. This is to distinguish newly shared files from the files
        that are already incorporated to the aikuma folder.
      - Cloud storage version 0.7.0.
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      make sure finishTable() is called · 3ffe0b73
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - There was a bug where finishTable() was not called when GD search
      - Cloud storage version 0.6.1.
  6. 24 Feb, 2015 1 commit
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      cloud storage updates · 77f466c2
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - Factored out the directory cache and made it thread safe.
      - Bug fix where identifiers returned by list() was prefixed with a /.
      - cloud storage v0.6.0.
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  8. 16 Feb, 2015 9 commits
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      cloud api version 0.5.0 · 7466d7a0
      Haejoong Lee authored
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      make output prettier · 180e8863
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      reformat log message · b4226d5f
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      add new demo app for refreshing token · 66dc6fa8
      Haejoong Lee authored
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      cosmetic changes · f473b1b9
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      implement directory hierarchy and new file sharing · 9e523675
      Haejoong Lee authored
      Directory hierarchy
      1. Assume that all files under the root aikuma folder are tagged with
         - aikuma_root_id: A unique identifier for the root folder
         - aikuma_prefix: Path of the folder containing the file or folder. The
           path is relative to the root folder.
         - aikuma_ds_version: Version of the directory structure spec
      2. If there is no such directory structure described in 1, it falls back
         to look for a folder containing the aikuma_root_id.txt file whose
         content matches with the aikuma_root_id value.
         - If found, all files under the folder are tagged as described in 1.
           Files whose name is a path containing one or more slashed are
           transformed into a directory structure. For example, file "a/b/c" is
           trasnformed into directory "a" containing directory "b" containing
           file "c".
      3. If there is no such folder described in 2, create a new root folder
         called "aikuma".
      File sharing
      The share method now shares the file with an email specified in the
      constructor instead of making it world readable.
      Constructor's signature has been changed. Two additional parameters were
      added: the ID of the root folder, and the email address of the central
      google drive.
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      cloud storage 0.4.0 · 5d5f8d19
      Haejoong Lee authored
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  10. 03 Feb, 2015 5 commits
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      add logging for debugging · 351d5773
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - Added code for logging debug messages.
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      fix bug · 238e0be0
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - Fixed a bug where the http query string was not generated correctly.
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      improve FI2 class · ee9fd77f
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - The implementation was incorrect. The constructor now takes an ID
        token which is passed to the server.
      - This makes IndexTool (the demo tool) broken. Just added dummy
        parameter where FI2 is instantated so that the code compiles. Needs to
        be fixed later.
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      use config file in demo tools · a64e9ea4
      Haejoong Lee authored
      - Added a static method for accessing a config file (~/.aikuma)
        which stores client id, access token, etc.
      - Made some of the demo programs use it.
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      index server v1.0.1 · 010db694
      Haejoong Lee authored
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