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Aikuma is comprised of several subpackages of the package org.lp20.aikuma:
org.lp20.aikuma.ui contains code related to the user interface:
- All the activities and fragments, with the exception of MainActivity,
which is in org.lp20.aikuma.
- Subclasses of ArrayAdapter for the list activities
- InterleavedSeekBar, a subclass of SeekBar to deal with the rendering of
the seek bar for interleaved playing
- MenuBehaviour, to deal with menu behaviour across activities
- NoiseLevel, code specific to PhoneRespeakActivity to deal with detecting
background noise levels and setting appropriate microphone sensitivity.
- A subclass org.lp20.aikuma.ui.sensors, which presently contains a
ProximityDetector to allow Activities to have behaviour associated with
users placing the phone to the ear.
org.lp20.aikuma.model contains code related to models of data stored by Aikuma:
- Speaker, to represent the speakers who have contributed to a recording.
- Segments, to represent the mappings between segments of an original and
an associated respeaking or commentary.
- Language, to represent ISO 639-3 languages, and custom languages.
- Recording, to represent the metadata associated with a recording.
- ServerCredentials, to store FTP server credentials for syncing.
org.lp20.aikuma.util contains various utilities to help get things done:
- Client, an FTP client to facilitate syncing.
- FileIO, to facilitate reading and writing Aikuma data from and to file.
- ImageUtils, which contains methods to process and format user images
- StandardDateFormat - which defines an ISO 8601 SimpleDateFormat for use
in the JSON representations of data.
- SyncUtil, which uses the FTP client to periodically sync and offers a
method for immediate syncing. contains code related to recording and playing audio:
- Audio provides methods to change which phone speaker the audio is played
- SimplePlayer, a wrapper class for
- MarkedPlayer, a subclass of SimplePlayer that allows for markers to be
set at points in the audio that trigger callbacks when reached.
- Player, an interface for things that play audio.
- InterleavedPlayer, a class that offers interleaved play of an original
recording and a respeaking, by playing alternate segments of each.
- Beeper, which allows for notification beeps to be played when recording
starts and stops.
- the org.lp20.aikuma.record subpackage is described below
org.lp20.aikuma.record is a subpackage of (above) that
deals specifically with the recording aspect of audio processing. The key
components are:
- Microphone, which is used to get input from the physical
microphone and yields buffers of that input data in a callback that is
supplied to the microphone.
- PCMWriter, to write PCM/WAV files.
- PhoneRespeaker, which provides the functionality required for audio