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    fix bug on ElicitationMode. NB: do not update the google-play-services · bc5ad9e4
    Elodie Gauthier authored
    lib. Use the one in /Dev/ (on https://forge.imag.fr/docman/?group_id=805
    upgrade Check modes + fix bugs + improve the layouts
    + fix errors in RecordeElicitation
    set input "spk_birth_year" to empty if age=0
    before the modification we were forced to
    entered a date while it is an optional field.
    ModeSelection.java: add the treatment of the "non and erase files" case
    for CheckMode.
    ThumbRespeakActivityLig.java: add a more specific catch
    in order to understand why we cannot respeak/translate
    an audio file recorded in Elicitation mode.
    CheckTranscription.java and CheckWordVariant.java: modification
    of the date.
    RecordElicitation.java: add the possibility to backup of the current session
    when Validate button is pressed.
    ModeSelection.java: add the callback to the button "no and erase files"
    for all the submodes of Elicitation Mode.
    RecordElicitation.java: create a linker file for Elicitation by Text.
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