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      better this time · f331816e
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      Merge branch 'data_storage' of... · 3cdf85dc
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      Merge branch 'data_storage' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr//gitroot/batsim/batsim into data_storage
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      Modifications to stress the BlackHole Quantum Bug. · c194d0b3
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      The bash scripts generated by experiment management scripts seems fine,
      but not when they are executed from the experiment management script themselves...
      Running the old version of pybatsim_filler_tiny.yaml worked.
      Running the old version of pybatsim_filler_medium.yaml didn't worked.
      The python script was not able to recover batsim's command stdout/stderr, but
      Batsim was executed. Batsim's execution was strange, it stopped depending on
      the number of characters printed by XBT_INFO before the end of function
      Job * Job::from_json(const rapidjson::Value & json_desc, Workload * workload)...
      By "stopped", I mean being stuck in some blackhole, as the process did not
      crash but maybe stuck in a blackhole inside XBT_INFO.
      Simply modifying the batsim_command in these scripts stresses the fact that
      the way the python scripts run the bash ones is bugged. Valgrind is executed
      correctly if the bash scripts are executed manually, but cannot be executed
      because of parsing options errors when python executes bash.
      So, to conclude the investigations done this evening/night:
        - Batsim may contain some bufferoverflow-like issues, which can only
          be observed under certain circumstances, like being executed by
          python->bash->batsim but not bash->batsim nor batsim. Couldn't
          find any tonight but this kind of bug is tricky to detect.
        - SimGrid may generate Black holes in XBT_INFO. Unlikely.
        - The way the bash scripts are executed by Execo is buggy.
          Further investigations must be done to determine why some bash
          files work and others don't
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      flood submitter (every task submitted asap) · b58b17a7
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      + task class modification I forgot to submit
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      submitter simple · 86681dbf
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