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[doc] fix doc inconsistency + deprecation

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......@@ -254,17 +254,17 @@ or not, depending on whether the job completed without reaching timeout).
- **data**:
- **job_id**: the job unique identifier
- **status**: whether SUCCESS or TIMEOUT
- **job_state**: the job state
- **status**: whether SUCCESS or TIMEOUT (**DEPRECATED**)
- **job_state**: the job state. Possible values: "NOT_SUBMITTED", "SUBMITTED", "RUNNING", "COMPLETED_SUCCESSFULLY", "COMPLETED_KILLED", "REJECTED"
- **kill_reason**: the kill reason (if any)
- **example**:
"timestamp": 10.0,
"timestamp": 10.000000,
"type": "JOB_COMPLETED",
"data": {
"job_id": "w0!1",
"status": "SUCCESS",
"job_id": "2cf8ca!10",
"status": "TIMEOUT",
"job_state": "COMPLETED_KILLED",
"kill_reason": "Walltime reached"
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