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The GRICAD Batsim repository has closed.
The next vesion of Batsim documentation can be found
[on readthedocs]( (**under construction !**).
Batsim is a Batch scheduler simulator.
A batch scheduler -- AKA Resources and Jobs Management System (RJMS) --
is a system that manages resources in large-scale computing centers,
notably by scheduling and placing jobs, and by setting up energy policies.
Batsim is open source and distributed under LGPL-3.0 license.
See [copyright](copyright) for more details.
![Batsim overview figure]
Batsim simulates a computing center behavior.
It is made such that any event-based scheduling algorithm can be plugged to it.
Thus, it allows to compare decision algorithms coming from production and
academics worlds.
Getting started
The best way to start to use Batsim, or at least to see how it works, is to have
a look at the [Batsim demo](demo).
**Note**: Others workloads and platforms examples can be found in the
current repository. More sophisticated (and more up-to-date) platforms can be
found in the [SimGrid repository](
External References
* Chapters 2 and 3 of Millian Poquet's
[PhD manuscript](
explain in detail some of Batsim design choices and how Batsim works
internally. The corresponding
[defense slides](
may also interest you.
* Batsim scientific publication pre-print is available on HAL:
The corresponding [slides](./publications/Batsim\_JSSPP\_2016.pdf) may
also interest you for a better understanding of what Batsim is
and for seeking whether it may be interesting for you.
These slides have been made for the JSSPP 2016 IPDPS workshop.
* Batsim code documentation can be found
Quick links
- Please read our [contribution guidelines]( if you want to
contribute to Batsim
- The [changelog](doc/ summarizes information about the project
- Tutorials shows how to use Batsim and how it works:
- The [usage tutorial](doc/ explains how to execute a Batsim
simulation, and how to setup a development docker environment
- The [time tutorial](doc/ explains how the time is managed in a
Batsim simulation, shows essential protocol communications and gives an
overview of how Batsim works internally
- The [protocol documentation](doc/ defines the protocol
used between Batsim and the scheduling algorithms
Batsim output files can be visualised using external tools:
- [Evalys]( can be used to visualise Gantt chart from the Batsim job.csv files
and SWF files
- [Vite] for the Pajé traces
As Batsim simulation involve multiple processes, they may be tricky to manage.
Some tools already exist to achieve this goal:
- python tools are located [there](./tools/experiments)
- a more robust and modular approach is conducted
[there]( and is expected to deprecate
aforementioned python tools.
You can also find other tools in the [tools](./tools) directory,
for example to conduct convertions between SWF and Batsim workload formats.
Write your own scheduler (or adapt an existing one)
Schedulers must follow a text-based protocol to communicate with Batsim.
More details about the protocol can be found in the [protocol description].
You may also base your work on existing Batsim-compatible schedulers:
- C++: [batsched][batsched gitlab]
- D: [datsched][datsched gitlab]
- Perl: [there][perl sched repo] (deprecated)
- Python: [pybatsim][pybatsim gitlab]
- Rust: [there][rust sched repo]
### For users
You can install batsim (and batsched) using one of the methods defined the
[install and Run](doc/ documentation page.
### For developers
It is highly recommended to use the method describe in the
[Development environment](doc/ page to get everything setup and
running: from compilation to tests.
Executing complete experiments
If you want to run more complex scenarios, giving a look at our
[experiment tools](./tools/experiments) may save you some time! (May be
deprecated in the future by [batexpe](
[Batsim overview figure]: ./doc/batsim_rjms_overview.png
[./publications/Batsim\_JSSPP\_2016.pdf]: ./publications/Batsim_JSSPP_2016.pdf
[protocol description]: ./doc/
[pybatsim gitlab]:
[batsched gitlab]:
[datsched gitlab]:
[rust sched repo]:
[perl sched repo]:
[batsim ci]:
Batsim should be available on one of the following repos:
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