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[test] tools_test: use batsched

parent 898bb5a0
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ output_directory: /tmp/pyfiller/medium
platform: ${batsim_dir}/platforms/energy_platform_homogeneous_no_net_128.xml
workload: ${batsim_dir}/workload_profiles/batsim_paper_workload_example.json
pybatsim_algo: fillerSched
algo: filler
batsim_dir: ${working_directory}
# Some variables are automatically added into this dictionary:
# - working_directory
......@@ -21,4 +21,4 @@ variables:
timeout: 60
batsim_command: batsim -p ${platform} -w ${workload} -e ${output_directory}/out
sched_command: ${batsim_dir}/schedulers/pybatsim/ ${pybatsim_algo}
sched_command: batsched -v ${algo}
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# The different variables can be defined here
pybatsim_algo: fillerSched # A simple variable
algo: filler # A simple variable
useless_list: ["just_an_example", "mmh..."] # A list
batsim_dir: ${working_directory} # The script must be called from the Batsim root directory
platform: {"name":"small", "filename":"${batsim_dir}/platforms/small_platform.xml"} # A dictionary
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ output_directory: /tmp/pyfiller/tiny
# The commands
batsim_command: batsim -p ${platform["filename"]} -w ${workload["filename"]} -e ${output_directory}/out
sched_command: ${batsim_dir}/schedulers/pybatsim/ ${pybatsim_algo}
sched_command: batsched -v ${algo}
# These commands will be executed before the instance, in this order
# One-line commands will be executed in a bash environment.
......@@ -36,34 +36,34 @@ implicit_instances:
# filename.
- {"name":"tiny", "filename":"${batsim_dir}/workload_profiles/test_workload_profile.json"}
- {"name":"medium", "filename":"${batsim_dir}/workload_profiles/batsim_paper_workload_example.json"}
# We use only one scheduling algorithm
- {"name":"filler", "algo_name":"fillerSched"}
- {"name":"easy", "algo_name":"easyBackfillNotopo"}
- {"name":"filler", "algo_name":"filler"}
- {"name":"easy", "algo_name":"easy_bf"}
# Defines how each instance of 'implicit' should be computed
# All base_variables are added into the variables of the instance.
# Hence, base_working_directory can be used there for example.
working_directory: ${base_working_directory}
output_directory: ${base_output_directory}/results/${pybatsim_algo[name]}_${workload[name]}_${platform[name]}
output_directory: ${base_output_directory}/results/${algo[name]}_${workload[name]}_${platform[name]}
# If you want your instances to be executable in parallel, you should
# specify the socket which should be used to communicate.
batsim_command: batsim -p ${platform["filename"]} -w ${workload["filename"]} -e ${output_directory}/out --redis-prefix ${instance_id}
sched_command: ${batsim_dir}/schedulers/pybatsim/ ${pybatsim_algo[algo_name]} --redis-prefix ${instance_id}
sched_command: batsched -v ${algo["algo_name"]}
# You can define instances explicitely here.
# Beware: the explicit_instances value must be a list.
- name : easybf_tiny_small
- name : easy_tiny_small
output_directory: ${base_output_directory}/results/explicit/easybf_tiny_small
variables: # We use simple values here, not dictionaries (but they could have been used!)
platform: ${batsim_dir}/platforms/small_platform.xml
workload: ${batsim_dir}/workload_profiles/test_workload_profile.json
pybatsim_algo: easyBackfillNotopo
algo: {"name":"easy", "algo_name":"easy_bf"}
# All base_variables are also copied here
batsim_command: batsim -p ${platform} -w ${workload} -e ${output_directory}/out --redis-prefix easybf_tiny_small
sched_command: ${batsim_dir}/schedulers/pybatsim/ ${pybatsim_algo} --redis-prefix easybf_tiny_small
sched_command: batsched -v ${algo["algo_name"]}
# These commands will be executed before running the instances, in this order
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