Commit 94dedf0a authored by Millian Poquet's avatar Millian Poquet
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[ci] no_git: copy: manually copy files to keep

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......@@ -118,8 +118,11 @@ test_version_no_git:
stage: test
# copy Batsim directory
- cp -r /builds/batsim/batsim /tmp/batsim
- rm -rf /tmp/batsim/.git
- rm -rf /tmp/batsim
- mkdir /tmp/batsim
- cp -r {/builds/batsim/batsim,/tmp/batsim}/src
- cp -r {/builds/batsim/batsim,/tmp/batsim}/CMakeLists.txt
- cp -r {/builds/batsim/batsim,/tmp/batsim}/cmake
# compile Batsim outside the git directory
- export CC=/usr/bin/clang
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