Commit 85ae988a authored by Michael Mercier's avatar Michael Mercier Committed by Millian Poquet
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Fix ci environment bootloader issue

(cherry picked from commit 3bbed531)
parent 37350b67
......@@ -214,13 +214,19 @@ def create_disk(input_, output_filename, fmt, size, filesystem, verbose):
if proc.returncode:
raise subprocess.CalledProcessError(proc.returncode, ' '.join(cmd))
mkfs_options = ""
# Fix syslinux 6.03 compat for ext4 64bit, see:
if "ext4" in filesystem:
mkfs_options = "features:^64bit"
# parition disk and create the filesystem
script = """
echo "[guestfish] Create new MBR partition table on /dev/sda"
part-disk /dev/sda mbr
echo "[guestfish] Create %s filesystem on /dev/sda1"
mkfs %s /dev/sda1
""" % (filesystem, filesystem)
echo "[guestfish] Create {filesystem} filesystem on /dev/sda1"
mkfs {filesystem} /dev/sda1 {mkfs_options}
run_guestfish_script(output_filename, script, mount=False)
# Fill disk with our data
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