Commit 6b24e667 authored by Millian Poquet's avatar Millian Poquet
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[test] --batexec -> --no-sched

parent 75e983bc
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ foreach(simu_instance IN LISTS simu_instances)
add_test_robintest(NAME ${thistest_NAME}
BATCMD "batsim -p ${platform_filename} -w ${workload_filename} -e ${thistest_OUTPUT_DIR}/out --batexec"
BATCMD "batsim -p ${platform_filename} -w ${workload_filename} -e ${thistest_OUTPUT_DIR}/out --no-sched"
ROBINTEST_EXPECTATION "--expect-ctx-clean --expect-ctx-clean-at-begin --expect-ctx-clean-at-end --expect-robin-success --expect-no-sched --expect-batsim-success"
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