Commit 69560a27 authored by Millian Poquet's avatar Millian Poquet
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[code] codacy: remove unused function

parent d7de1758
......@@ -601,28 +601,6 @@ void PajeTracer::add_job_kill(const Job *job, const MachineRange & used_machine_
void PajeTracer::add_global_utilization(double utilization, double time)
xbt_assert(state == INITIALIZED, "Bad addJobKill call: the PajeTracer object is not initialized or had been finalized");
const int buf_size = 256;
int nb_printed;
(void) nb_printed; // Avoids a warning if assertions are ignored
char * buf = (char*) malloc(sizeof(char) * buf_size);
xbt_assert(buf != 0, "Couldn't allocate memory");
// Let's set the variable state correctly
nb_printed = snprintf(buf, buf_size,
"%d %lf %s %s %lf\n",
SET_VARIABLE, time, utilizationVarType, scheduler, utilization);
xbt_assert(nb_printed < buf_size - 1,
"Writing error: buffer has been completely filled, some information might "
"have been lost. Please increase Batsim's output temporary buffers' size");
void PajeTracer::generate_colors(int color_count)
xbt_assert(color_count > 0);
......@@ -198,14 +198,6 @@ public:
void add_job_kill(const Job * job, const MachineRange & used_machine_ids,
double time, bool associate_kill_to_machines = false);
* @brief Adds a global utilization value of the system.
* @details Please note that this method can only be called when the PajeTracer object has been initialized and had not been finalized yet.
* @param[in] utilization The global utilization of the system.
* @param[in] time The simulation time at which the system has this utilization value
void add_global_utilization(double utilization, double time);
* @brief Give the RGB representation of a color represented in HSV
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