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[code] update batsim for new smpi_replay_run API

New syntax has been introduced in SimGrid commit cbd8dae6d.
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......@@ -26,18 +26,8 @@ void smpi_replay_process(Job* job, SmpiProfileData * profile_data, simgrid::s4u:
(void) ret; // Avoids a warning if assertions are ignored
xbt_assert(ret != -1, "asprintf failed (not enough memory?)");
char * trace_filename = xbt_strdup((char*) profile_data->trace_filenames[rank].c_str());
int argc = 5;
char** argv = xbt_new(char*, argc);
argv[0] = xbt_strdup("1"); // log only?
argv[1] = str_instance_id; // application instance
argv[2] = bprintf("%d", rank); // rank
argv[3] = trace_filename; // smpi trace file for this rank
argv[4] = xbt_strdup("0"); // ?
XBT_INFO("Replaying rank %d of job %s (SMPI)", rank, job->id.to_string().c_str());
smpi_replay_run(&argc, &argv);
smpi_replay_run(str_instance_id, rank, 0, profile_data->trace_filenames[rank].c_str());
XBT_INFO("Replaying rank %d of job %s (SMPI) done", rank, job->id.to_string().c_str());
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