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Commit 5e21bb9f authored by Millian Poquet's avatar Millian Poquet
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[misc] get cluster512.xml lost in merge(ation)

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<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE platform SYSTEM "http://simgrid.gforge.inria.fr/simgrid/simgrid.dtd">
<platform version="4">
<AS id="AS0" routing="Full">
<cluster id="my_cluster_1" prefix="a" suffix="" radical="0-511"
speed="1Gf" bw="125MBps" lat="50us" bb_bw="2.25GBps"
bb_lat="500us" />
<cluster id="my_cluster_2" prefix="master_host" suffix="" radical="0-0"
speed="1Gf" bw="125MBps" lat="50us" bb_bw="2.25GBps"
bb_lat="500us" />
<link id="backbone" bandwidth="1.25GBps" latency="500us" />
<ASroute src="my_cluster_1" dst="my_cluster_2" gw_src="amy_cluster_1_router"
<link_ctn id="backbone" />
\ No newline at end of file
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