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[doc] sphinx: talk about installing _dev versions

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......@@ -64,10 +64,12 @@ This can be done with ``nix-env --install``.
# Or experiment management tools...
nix-env -f -iA batexpe
.. todo::
Talk about the different available versions.
.. note::
Most package have at least two versions in kapack_, named ``PACKAGE`` and ``PACKAGE_dev``. ``PACKAGE`` stands for the latest release of the package, while the ``_dev`` version is the latest unstable commit from the main git branch.
You can therefore get an upstream Batsim and batsched with the following command. ``nix-env -f -iA batsim_dev batsched_dev``
At least last stable and master upstream. Maybe link to the advanced Nix tutorial (doing a reproducible experiment) for custom builds.
Build it yourself
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