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[doc] update changelog

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......@@ -10,6 +10,34 @@ Batsim's public API includes:
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [Unreleased]
### Changed (**breaks protocol**)
- ``SUBMIT_PROFILE`` has been renamed ``REGISTER_PROFILE``.
Trying to register an already existing profile will now fail.
- ``SUBMIT_JOB`` has been renamed ``REGISTER_JOB``.
Trying to register an already existing job will now fail.
The possibility to register profiles from within a ``REGISTER_JOB`` event has
been discarded: Now use ``REGISTER_PROFILE`` then ``REGISTER_JOB``.
- The content of the ``config`` object of the ``SIMULATION_BEGINS`` event has
been changed. It is now flattened and contains the following keys:
``redis-enabled``, ``redis-hostname``, ``redis-port``, ``redis-prefix``,
``profiles-forwarded-on-submission``, ``dynamic-jobs-enabled`` and
### Changed (**breaks command-line interface**)
- Removal of the ``--config-file`` option.
Now specify your desired features by the Batsim CLI options.
- Removal of the ``--enable-sg-process-tracing`` option.
You can now use ``--sg-cfg`` to do the same.
- ``--batexec`` has been renamed ``--no-sched``.
- ``--allow-time-sharing`` has been split into two options
``--enable-time-sharing-on-compute`` and
``--disable-time-sharing-on-storage``, as resource roles have been introduced.
### Added (new command-line options)
- New ``--sg-cfg`` option, that allows to set SimGrid configuration options.
- New ``--dump-execution-context`` option, that dumps the command execution
context on the standard output. This allows external tools to understand
the execution context of a batsim command without actually parsing it.
[//]: ==========================================================================
## [2.0.0] - 2018-02-20
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