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......@@ -10,12 +10,18 @@ Batsim
Do feel free to contact us `on mattermost <https://framateam.org/signup_user_complete/?id=5xb995hph3d79yj738pokxrnuh>`_ for any question or remark.
.. todo::
Batsim is a scientific simulator to analyze batch schedulers.
Batch schedulers — or Resource and Jobs Management Systems, RJMSs — are systems that manage resources in large-scale computing centers, notably by scheduling and placing jobs.
Talk about use cases: In which cases you may be interested in using Batsim and in which cases you may prefer another simulator.
.. image:: ../doc/batsim_rjms_overview.png
:scale: 100 %
:alt: Batsim overview
Add a note about getting in touch (mattermost, mails...).
- Analyze and compare online scheduling algorithms.
- Sound simulation models thanks to SimGrid_.
- Develop algorithms (in any programming language) without SimGrid knowledge, or to plug existing algorithm implementations to Batsim. Done thanks to a :ref:`protocol` between Batsim and the schedulers
- Several ways to model how jobs should be simulated. Allows multiple levels of realism regarding several phenomena. Highly customizable to your needs.
- Keeping the implementation robust and maintenable is important to us.
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......@@ -59,3 +65,5 @@ Batsim
Contributing <contributing.rst>
Continuous Integration <ci.rst>
TODO list <todo.rst>
.. _SimGrid: https://simgrid.frama.io/
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