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|**G2** | K.Tidriri |**ASI** students: HAMDAOUI->SORIANI|18oct | 21oct | 25oct | 29oct| 8nov |
|**G3** | O. Michel |**MARS**+foreign students| 25oct | 29oct | 8nov | 10nov| 10nov|
##### Lab7
- **HW: To do before the lab session:** re-read the
the lesson ([slides]( on Classification and Regression Trees, tree pruning, Random Forests.
- Lab7 statement on Tree based method for unsupervised classification and regression problems is [here](
- **Except if your supervisor give you another instruction** upload at the end of the session your lab 6 short report in the [chamilo assigment task]( (pdf file from your editor, or scanned pdf file of a handwritten paper; *code, figures or graphics are not required!*)
##### Lab6
- **HW: To do before the lab session:** re-read the
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