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Update README.md Week 8 & Week 9

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......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ Better understanding how to use InfluxDB.
- [ ] Paul : Understanding furthermore on TTT implementation. Looking how to do it.
> still in progress.
## Week 6 (March 7th - March 14th)
## Week 6 (March 8th - March 14th)
+ Mid-Term Presentation
> Preparing the presentation with graphics.
......@@ -129,4 +129,37 @@ Better understanding how to use InfluxDB.
> Succesfully use API to generate stats from api. First implementation in `get_gateway_stats.sh.` Still in Progress.
## Week 7 (March 15th - March 21th)
- Understanding furthermore on TTT implementation. Looking how to do it.
> Feature put on stand-by. Not a priority.
> it's TTN and basically we couldn't read a json file from JS (native / web). It was surely a mistake to work in a web process elsewhere because using nodeJS it must be possible but then we would not have had the leaflet (map) displayed, and that was the primary goal anyway
> we did not see where we would use this card.
- [x] Paul : Sending functional email to Gmail address not to university address
- [ ] Paul : API search to retrieve devices but no code
- [x] Kevin : Integration of momentjs in the code to be able to change the dates for more readability
- [x] Antoine : Implementation of Sparkline on HTML report
> Finalization and Strucutration of Sparkline Generated code
## Week 8 (March 22th - March 28th)
- [] Paul + Kevin : Code review for code merging / Code improvement for devices
> Good implementation, still in progress.
- [x] Antoine : Completely updated Sparkline Fusion code with MomentJs and Devices
- [ ] Todo : Code cleaning and structuring
## Week 9 (March 29th - April 04th)
- [x] Kevin :
- [X] Paul : Code cleaning and structuring
> cleaning french comments and put everything in english.
> restructing the code where files where register.
- [ ] Antoine : Working on the Report and similar stuff
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