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## Week 5 (March 1st - March 7th)
+ weekly meeting with our teacher
Better understanding how to use InfluxDB.
+ Continuation of tasks to be performed
- [x] Antoine : Understanding all the API for CampusIoT and how to use it !
- [] Antoine & Kevin : Understanding furthermore curl + jq code using for generating html reports
> still in progress, separating tasks between kevin and antoine. Kevin implementend json generation on branch `test_report_j-1` (first version). Antoine looked how to display html correctly between passives and actives Gateways with J-1 day.
- [ ] Antoine : [Reoganization of code](https://github.com/CampusIoT/chirpstack-monitoring/issues/5)
> not a priority.
- [X] Paul : [Sparkline integration & transform to SVG image](https://github.com/CampusIoT/chirpstack-monitoring/issues/2)
> Done. It display it in PNG. Issue closed.
- [ ] Kevin : [Add a memory effect on reports](https://github.com/CampusIoT/chirpstack-monitoring/issues/6)
> task to do later.
- [ ] Paul : Understanding furthermore on TTT implementation. Looking how to do it.
> still in progress.
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