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# Devices Map
Show a HTML report (status and stats) of located devices into a [leafletjs](https://leafletjs.com/) map
when the location is set into `.location` or `.device.tags[geolocation]`.
curl 'https://lns.campusiot.imag.fr/api/devices/a81758fffe04b1bc' -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Grpc-Metadata-Authorization: Bearer ZZZ.YYY.XX'
"device": {
"devEUI": "a81758fffe04b1bc",
"name": "ELSYS_EMS_B1BC",
"applicationID": "36",
"description": "Elsys EMS",
"deviceProfileID": "72bc2657-d387-4257-b883-b97e9763997f",
"skipFCntCheck": false,
"referenceAltitude": 0,
"variables": {
"ThingsBoardAccessToken": "6lOGIM40BOdVRIeOGgGo"
"tags": {
"email_owner": "admin@campusiot.imag.fr",
"geolocation": "45.1902749,5.7670241"
"lastSeenAt": "2021-02-01T06:23:19.260728Z",
"deviceStatusBattery": 100,
"deviceStatusMargin": 28,
"location": null
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