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* We also lost a lot of time on trying to install nextpnr for ice40 without success. The tool is required to use nmigen on the FPGA.
### Week 7 (15/03/2021) :
* During this week we decided to work on the translation of our multi-layer perceptron in nmigen. We made a first version but we didn't finish yet the main function. We also worked at the same time, on the way to give the trained matrix to the perceptron. For this we create a text file in which we insert the weight matrix.
* We also worked on the limits of the data we need to transfer to the FPGA. The RAM of the card is of 128 kbits. So we tried to find a database in which each piece of data has a small enough size to be able to be transered to the FPGA.
* We also worked on ideas of creating a real application of our multi-layer perceptron for example to apply to a 7 segment digital displayer or to an application that satisfies your taste.
* We didn't find a solution yet for our install problem for nextpnr.
* Next thing to do : finish the nmigen multi-layer perceptron and test it.
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