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* Next thing to do : finish the nmigen multi-layer perceptron and test it.
### Week 8 (22/03/2021) :
* We managed to sucessfully install the tools to run nmigen programs on the FPGA. We then tested it with different examples and we tested our own little piece of code. This helped us to understand how to control each led.
* We also worked on the translation of our multi-layer perceptron in nmigen. We are creating the file containing the information of the trained matrix that will be used by the fpga. This is still a work in progress because the file is not working yet.
* At the same time we worked on learning more about pyserial and UART to understand how data will be exchange between the computer and the FPGA.
* Finally we worked on the nmigen tutorial and the translation in english of this tutorial.
# Nmigen Tutorial
**Python version used :** Python 3.8.5
## Installation
**Nmigen :**
Click on [this link][1] to access a Github containing all the information needed to install Nmigen on different operating systems and other tools to interact with the FPGA card.
During the installation of Next-PNR, we faced some issues that were solved using the following command lines :
*#NIX installation*
`curl -L | sh`
*#Creation of a shell containing the dependencies expected in the PATH, run this line for each new shell (it is faster after the first time because every files will already exist)*
`nix-shell -p icestorm nextpnr yosys 'python3.withPackages (ps: with ps; [ nmigen nmigen-boards ])'`
*#Test on examples*
`git clone`
`cd icebreaker-nmigen-examples/blink`
Note that you need to replace these terms :
*-from nmigen_boards.icebreaker -> nmigen_boards.icestick*
*- ICEBreakerPlatform -> ICEStickPlatform*
*- led = platform.request("led_r") -> led = platform.request("led")*
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