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# Nmigen Tutorial
**Python version used :** Python 3.8.5
## Installation
**Nmigen :**
Click on [this link][1] to access a Github containing all the information needed to install Nmigen on different operating systems and other tools to interact with the FPGA card.
During the installation of Next-PNR, we faced some issues that were solved using the following command lines :
*#NIX installation*
`curl -L | sh`
*#Creation of a shell containing the dependencies expected in the PATH, run this line for each new shell (it is faster after the first time because every files will already exist)*
`nix-shell -p icestorm nextpnr yosys 'python3.withPackages (ps: with ps; [ nmigen nmigen-boards ])'`
*#Test on examples*
`git clone`
`cd icebreaker-nmigen-examples/blink`
Note that you need to replace these terms :
*-from nmigen_boards.icebreaker -> nmigen_boards.icestick*
*- ICEBreakerPlatform -> ICEStickPlatform*
*- led = platform.request("led_r") -> led = platform.request("led")*
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