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* We all had a different task to do : Jules was continuing programming the backpropagation pour the multi-layer perceptron. Ethan was succefully making the first simulation in nmigen and visualising it with otkwave. Teva managed to get the FPGA card and installed all the tools to be able to use the FPGA.
* TO DO : the main goal will be to use the FPGA on simple programs to learn how to use it. When this will be done, we will try to use the perceptron on it.
Tuesday :
* The biggest achievement this session was that Jules sucessfully ran the multi layer perceptron. The example he used is the "XOR" operator for a 2 bit entry set he training the perceptron. After 10 000 trainings new random entry set are well recognize and the result correspond to the expected result. Ethan and Teva were working on using the FPGA and lauching basic programs like a blinker. It was succesful for the blinker written for the FPGA but not with the one in nmigen. The problem that we have is that we don't know how to get nmigen to work with the FPGA yet.
* TO DO : Finding a way to make nmigen work on the FPGA and finding an online DATA set to test the multi layer perceptron - For example the one on tensorflow which would be used to recongnize different clothes types.
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