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# **Week 8 : 22/03**
- ApplicationSelection, NetworkSelection screens are operational for Chirpstack => we have to handle TTN side
- Chirpstack and TTN forms are nailed
- Improve TTN API functions
- Improve TTN & Chirpstack forms with Regex and more control
- Link the two buttons (Select a Network / Select an Application) in the home page with their respective features
# **Week 7 : 15/03**
- Finding a solution to use the TTN API thanks to [API Keys](
- Starting implementation of TTN API functions
- Improve Chirpstack API functions
- Link screens between them
- Add redux store routines and tests
- Improve Chirpstack Form with Profile ID (select list)
# **Week 6 : 08/03**
- Link the scanner with the HomePage
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