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Front-end :
* Initialisation of components
Back-end :
* Fix the problem connected to an update of Django
* After the definition of the array MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES add MIDDLEWARE = MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
* Problem with the loading of the module choucas.wsgi.application => Either comment out or delete the line django.contrib.auth.middleware.SessionAuthenticationMiddleware
* Installation (to test) of the module : django_rest_swagger which can document automatically the API
* Test to understand how the django_rest_api framework works with the creation of the feature intended for recovering all the users (GET
### TODO :
* Finish the writing of the components + display map
* Front-end :
* Finish the writing of the components
* Finish to display the map
* Back-end :
* Finish the conception of the model (simple version for now)
* Modify the feature previously described to integrate the new model
* Add routes for the API
* Write the documentation
## Week 10 (30/03 - 05/04)
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