Version 1.0.3

Added features


  • Gendarmerie units on the french soils
    • Feature to find out units according the given map bounds
  • Search feature for the external services
  • Update the life time of tokens:
    • Access token => 30min
    • Refresh token => 12h


  • Authentication feature:
    • Log In
    • Log out
    • When the access token is out of date, the auth service will get a new one if he knows the refresh token. That feature is completely transparent for the user.
  • Sub module for the connection beween the front-end and the back-end (wiki)
  • Diplay of the map
  • Display of map information
    • Mouse coordinates
    • Scale of the map
  • Control to change the map tiles. For the moment the choice is between osm and otm
  • Display of user's unit
  • Display of Gendarmerie units according the current map bounds and zoom