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## Semaine 14 (27 avr.)
* Finition du rapport. Fin du projet
## Semaine 14 (27 avr.)
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* Manuel pour la demo disponible dans le répertoire Demo
# Demo first release
1. clone the repository nixpkgs_swh
2. switch to branch fetchswh_test
3. Be assured that the package is already cooked (you can check it on software heritage website) or with the following GET command:
`curl -X GET ""`
4. If not cooked, cook it via software heritage website or with the following POST command:
`curl -X POST ""`
5. Once it is cooked, execute the following commands wherever you want
6. ```bash
export NIXPKGS=/path/to/nixpkgs_swh/
nix-build $NIXPKGS -A hello-swh --show-trace
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