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### The HTML documentation located in "templates/" directory is generated as follows:
1) Modify your markdown files: USAGE_*.md
2) Run md2html.sh script:
bash md2html.sh "markdown file name" "html file name" "html page title"
### Examples:
bash md2html.sh USAGE_FR.md doc.html "RESIF: RESIFWS: Statistics Docs: v1"
bash md2html.sh USAGE_EN.md doc_en.html "RESIF: RESIFWS: Statistics Docs: v1"
### Requirements:
pandoc -f markdown -t html -s "$README" -o "$FILE" --metadata title="$TITLE"
perl -i -0pe 's/__\*__/<strong>\*<\/strong>/s' $FILE
perl -i -0pe 's/loc=\–/loc=--/s' $FILE
perl -i -0pe 's/<header.*<\/header>/<p style="text-align:center;"> <img src=".\/static\/images\/logoresif.png" alt="logoresif" width="341" height="95"><\/p>/s' $FILE
if [[ $FILE == *doc.html ]] ; then
perl -i -0pe 's/<\/head>/<link rel="stylesheet" href=".\/static\/resifws.css"\/>
<a href=".\/local=en"> <img src=".\/static\/images\/en.png" alt="Français - Anglais"> <\/a>\n<\/head>/gms' $FILE
elif [[ $FILE == *doc_en.html ]] ; then
perl -i -0pe 's/<\/head>/<link rel="stylesheet" href=".\/static\/resifws.css"\/>
<a href=".\/local=fr"> <img src=".\/static\/images\/fr.png" alt="Anglais - Français"> <\/a>\n<\/head>/gms' $FILE
# perl -i -0pe
# -i in-place
# -0 read entire file in one shot (without the multiline searches failed).
# -p run Perl code
# -e Perl will not look for a script filename in the argument list.
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