Commit 490e96bb authored by Jonathan Schaeffer's avatar Jonathan Schaeffer Committed by Jerome Touvier
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[docker] corrections Entrypoint + cmd

parent b68a0051
......@@ -10,14 +10,5 @@ COPY apps ./apps/
COPY templates ./templates/
COPY static ./static/
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/bash", "-c", "gunicorn --bind"]
# app is the WSGI flask application name in start module
ENTRYPOINT ["gunicorn", "--bind", ""]
CMD ["start_sacpz:app"]
#sudo docker build -t ws-sacpz-resp ./
#sudo rsync -a --exclude .git* . /srv/deploy/ws-sacpz-resp
#docker run -d --rm -p 9100:8000 -v /srv/deploy/ws-sacpz-resp:/appli --name ws-sacpz-resp -e RUNMODE=production ws-sacpz-resp start_resp:app
#wget "http://localhost:9100/1/query?net=FR&sta=CIEL&loc=00&cha=HHE&time=2017-01-01T00:00:00" -O resp.txt
# Webservice SACPZ and RESP
## Go on with Flask
FLASK_ENV=development RUNMODE=test FLASK_APP=sacpz python
FLASK_ENV=development RUNMODE=test FLASK_APP=sacpz python
## Play around with docker
docker build -t ws-sacpz-resp ./
docker build -t ws-sacpz-resp .
docker run --rm -e RUNMODE=test -p 8000:8000 --name ws-sacpz-resp ws-sacpz-resp:latest
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