Commit 9b026a85 authored by Jonathan Schaeffer's avatar Jonathan Schaeffer
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Invert givenName and shortName in database

parent 48c8f19c
......@@ -62,6 +62,8 @@ def register_privileges(login, tokendict):
application.logger.debug(" ... is in epos fdsn map")
# Now get localy defined autorizations, from email adress
if len(fdsn_memberships) == 0:
......@@ -138,7 +140,7 @@ def get_login_password(tokendict):
expiration_time =
# Register login in authentication database
INSERT INTO users VALUES (DEFAULT, %(login)s, %(givenName)s, %(sn)s, %(mail)s, %(expires_at)s);
INSERT INTO users VALUES (DEFAULT, %(login)s, %s(sn)s, %(givenName)s, %(mail)s, %(expires_at)s);
{'login': login, 'givenName': tokendict['givenName'], 'sn': tokendict['sn'], 'mail': tokendict['mail'], 'expires_at': expiration_time }
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