Commit 61524e4f authored by Jonathan Schaeffer's avatar Jonathan Schaeffer
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Revert "Removing endyear of a network mapping."

This reverts commit 2c2065e6.
parent 2c2065e6
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ What does this program do ?
4. Register this in the resifAuth database, along with the `expires_at` value (24h)
5. From the `member-of` field in the token :
- do the mapping from EPOS names to FDSN reference from the epos_fdsn table in the resifAuth database
the FDSN reference is the network name, startyear
the FDSN reference is the network name, startyear, endyear
- register the login along with the FDSN references and the expiration date in the resifInv-Prod database, table `access`
6. Return the `login:password` to the client
......@@ -26,5 +26,5 @@ class default():
'/epos/alparray': {'networkcode':'Z3', 'startyear':2015},
'/epos/alparray': {'networkcode':'Z3', 'startyear':2015, 'endyear': 2020},
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ def register_privileges(login, fdsn_refs):
ref['networkid'] = cur.fetchone()[0]"Inserting tupple in %s.eida_temp_users: %s", application.config['PRIVILEGEDBNAME'], ref)
insert into eida_temp_users (network_id, network, start_year, name, expires_at) values (%(networkid)s, %(networkcode)s, %(startyear)s, %(login)s, %(expires_at)s);
insert into eida_temp_users (network_id, network, start_year, end_year, name, expires_at) values (%(networkid)s, %(networkcode)s, %(startyear)s, %(endyear)s, %(login)s, %(expires_at)s);
""", ref)
except psycopg2.Error as e:
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