Commit 6f82ecdc authored by Jonathan Schaeffer's avatar Jonathan Schaeffer
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ignore empty lines in KEYFILE

parent 8acc1c00
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ if [[ -r ${RESIFDD_KEYFILE} ]]; then
echo "Using $RESIFDD_KEYFILE as references to transfer data"
# Make a list of directories from KEYFILE and pass it to pack_and_send
# We use only the first word of each line, compose a full path and test for it's existence
for i in $(sed -e "s, .*$,," -e "s,_,/,g" -e "s,^,$SNAPSHOT_DIR/," $RESIFDD_KEYFILE |sort -u); do
for i in $(sed -e "s, .*$,," -e "/^\s*$/d" -e "s,_,/,g" -e "s,^,$SNAPSHOT_DIR/," $RESIFDD_KEYFILE |sort -u); do
if [[ -d $i ]]; then
pack_and_send $i
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