Commit fffb4835 authored by Guillaume Mella's avatar Guillaume Mella
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preload every requirements before application install to speed up local dev using docker

parent f2f70f3c
......@@ -6,6 +6,14 @@ RUN apt-get update -y && \
pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel && \
# Pre-install important pip packages (for speedup during the application setup on developper machine)
RUN set -eux ; \
pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel setuptools_scm && \
pip3 install lxml cryptography click pyramid pyramid_jinja2 pyramid_debugtoolbar wtforms alembic waitress SQLAlchemy transaction psycopg2_binary numpy astropy astroquery WTForms WTForms-Alchemy && \
pip3 install pyramid-retry pyramid-tm psycopg2 zope.sqlalchemy pyramid-wtforms repoze.sendmail pyramid-mailer && \
ADD . /app
RUN pip3 install -e .
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