Commit 87983018 authored by Guillaume Mella's avatar Guillaume Mella
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add sinpe and hide Nones

parent dc0459ea
......@@ -22,29 +22,31 @@
{% for entry in entries %}
<td><input type="checkbox" name="valid[{{}}]" value="{{}}" {% if entry.validated %}checked="on"{% endif %}/></td>
<td>{{ }}</td>
<td><a href="{{ entry.star_info.id1 }}">{{ entry.star_info.id1 }}</a></td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.id2}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.ud_diam}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.ld_diam}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.e_ld_diam}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.mu_lambda}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.method}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.band_code}}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.notes}}</td>
<td><a href="{{ entry.star_info.bibcode}}/abstract">{{ entry.star_info.bibcode}}</a></td>
<td>{{ or '' }}</td>
<td><a href="{{ entry.star_info.id1 or '' }}">{{ entry.star_info.id1 or '' }}</a></td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.id2 or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.ud_diam or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.ld_diam or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.e_ld_diam or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.mu_lambda or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.method or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.band_code or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.notes or '' }}</td>
<td><a href="{{ entry.star_info.bibcode or '' }}/abstract">{{ entry.star_info.bibcode or '' }}</a></td>
<td>{{ or '' }}</td>
<td>{{ entry.star_info.sinpe or '' }}</td>
<td colspan="13"><input type="text" name="comment[{{}}]" value="{% if entry.comment %}{{entry.comment}}{% endif %}"></input></td>
<td colspan="13"><input type="text" name="comment[{{ or '' }}]" value="{% if entry.comment %}{{entry.comment or '' }}{% endif %}"></input></td>
{% endfor %}
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