Commit 68fc5e3c authored by Guillaume Mella's avatar Guillaume Mella
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improve reliability so we always give validated stars to jinja

parent 4ed95c81
#from pyramid.response import Response
from pyramid.view import view_config
#from sqlalchemy.exc import DBAPIError
from jmdc_app.models.star_info import StarInfo
from jmdc_app.models.submission import StarInfoEntry
@view_config(route_name='jmdc_catalog', renderer='../templates/jmdc_catalog.jinja2')
def jmdc_home(request):
session = request.dbsession
# order by id (creation order / look during import )
stars = session.query(StarInfo).order_by(
stars = session.query(StarInfo).filter(StarInfo.star_info_entry.any(StarInfoEntry.validated==True)).order_by(
return { 'stars': stars }
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