Commit dc2b838e authored by Guillaume Mella's avatar Guillaume Mella
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add gravity python tools

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# Author: Guillaume Mella
# Description: install GRAVITY python tools
# created for EES17 tutorial
# Main information:
# Prerequisites : jdk (look at ansible-galaxy )
# Todo:
# - Make it smarter so we can give a list of pipeline kits ( current version is hardcoded and may fail on next distribution from ESO side... )
# Note: this role must be run as priviledged user but not with root so we get every prgrams contained into the eso_pipelines_install_dir
- name: "Install GRAVITY python tools"
- apt: name={{ item }}
- subversion
- python-future
- subversion:
dest: "/home/{{ ansible_user }}/python_tools"
become : no
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