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Update names_override.csv

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Baptiste Lemaire;;
Bernard Mercier;;
Baptiste Lemaire;CNRS/IGE;
Bernard Mercier;CNRS/IGE;
Brice Boudevillain;UGA/IGE;0000-0002-1771-4953
Catherine Coulaud;;
Coralie Aubert;;
Catherine Coulaud;CNRS/IGE;
Coralie Aubert;UGA/ISTERRE;
Cédric Legoût;UGA/IGE;0000-0003-2958-4815
Florian Ronzani;;
Fred Malinur;;
Guilhem Freche;;
Florian Ronzani;UGA/IGE;
Fred Malinur;IRD/IGE;
Guilhem Freche;CNRS/IGE;
Guillaume Nord;UGA/IGE;0000-0001-5541-9368
Henri Mora;;
Hélène Guyard;;
Jean-Marie Miscioscia;;
Julien Nemery;;
Jérôme Poulenard;;
Henri Mora;UGA/IGE;
Hélène Guyard;IRD/IGE;
Jean-Marie Miscioscia;UGA/IGE;
Julien Nemery;INP/IGE;
Jérôme Poulenard;USMB/EDYTEM;
Magdalena Uber;UGA/IGE;0000-0002-0237-0588
Michel Esteves;IRD/IGE;
Nico Hachgenei;;
Oldrich Navratil;;
Romain Biron;;
Simon Gérard;;
Sébastien Klotz;;
Thomas Grangeon;;
Nico Hachgenei;UGA/IGE;
Oldrich Navratil;UL2/EVS;
Romain Biron;IRD/IGE;
Simon Gérard;CNRS/IGE;
Sébastien Klotz;INRAE;
Thomas Grangeon;BRGM;
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