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Please use the following web interface to query the OSUG-COLLECTIONS database:
"# Clé";"Valeur pour OSUG-COLLECTIONS";;;;
title;"OSUG-COLLECTIONS is a database of rocks, minerals and fossils";;;;
title:AlternativeTitle;"OSUG geological collections";;;;
publisher;"OSUG, UGA";;;;
subject:main;"Geological collection";;;;
subject:main;"Rock collection";;;;
subject:main;"Mineral collection";;;;
subject:main;"Fossil collection";;;;
contributorName:ContactPerson;"Collections4321 at";;;;
contributorName:Distributor;"Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble (France) - OSUG";;;;
contributorName:HostingInstitution;"Université Grenoble Alpes (France) - UGA";;;;
contributorName:Funder;"Université Grenoble Alpes (France) - UGA";;;;
contributorName:Funder;"Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble (France) - OSUG";;;;
contributorName:ProjectLeader;"Fabienne Giraud";affiliation;UGA/ISTerre;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-4732-4737
contributorName:ProjectLeader;"Emilie Janots";affiliation;UGA/ISTerre;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-0658-3644
contributorName:WorkPackageLeader;"Bernard Boutherin";affiliation;CNRS/OSUG;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-0860-0698
contributorName:WorkPackageLeader;"Fabienne Giraud";affiliation;UGA/ISTerre;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-4732-4737
contributorName:WorkPackageLeader;"Raphaël Jacquot";affiliation;UGA/OSUG;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0001-6345-2774
contributorName:WorkPackageLeader;"Emilie Janots";affiliation;UGA/ISTerre;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-0658-3644
contributorName:WorkPackageLeader;"Arnaud Pêcher";affiliation;;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-2352-251X
contributorName:WorkPackageLeader;"Emmanuel Robert";affiliation;CNRS/CERESE;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-2821-4233
resourceType:Dataset;"geological collections";;;;
rights;"License: CC BY ND";rightsURI;;;
rights;"The following sentence should appear in the acknowledgments of the publication:
The OSUG-COLLECTIONS database was set up thanks to a funding of the French Ministry of Research (2003-2011) for managing geological collections. From 2008, the creation of a first database ( allowed the digitalization of these collections. In 2020, migration and upgrade of the previous version to a worldwide openaccess one ( were made.""";rightsURI;;;
description:Abstract;"The rock collection is mainly composed of Himalayan samples collected all along the Himalayan belt, from North-West Pakistan to Western China (mainly Pakistan, western India and Nepal). They are mainly represented by sedimentary, metamorphic and granitic rocks of the Higher Himalaya. They were collected from 1972 to today, often in area hard to reach, either for physiographic or political reasons.
The rock collection also includes samples from the French Alps, in particular samples collected in the Arc-Isère Tunnel.
The mineral collection is composed of more than 5000 specimens collected all around the world. The peculiarity of this collection is the large number of alpine minerals collected both from Mines and clefts.
The paleontological collection is composed of more than 250 000 fossils, collected all around the world. It represents the first ammonite collection in the world for the Lower Cretaceous of the Mediterranean realm. More than 2800 fossils are reference specimens « types et figurés ».""";;;;
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