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Important milestones comprise:
- Par_forecast returns scientifically correct results.
- Fortran and Python implementation are interchangeable for the setup, the diffusion computation and the forecasts.
In addition:
- Implemented visualisation tools for trajectories and Lowes spectra.
- Possibility to save files in a format readable by [pygeodyn](
- Unitary and functional tests on around 35% of the code.
- Generated doc using Sphinx
Numerous improvements aiming to optimise the code, the most important being:
* The possibility to run forecasts in parallel using `mpi4py`
* The possibility to save results during computation in `hdf5` or `ASCII` format.
* Number of forecasts and analysis are now determined **ONLY** from the config file
In addition:
* Possibility to run analysis in parallel (not very interesting as the algorithm used in this case is way slower and scientifically equivalent...)
* Some clean-up:
- All raw data are now in the data folder
- *forecast* folder containing the Fortran sources was renamed to *fortran*
* Launching an algorithm can now be done in one line in `` thanks to the encapsulation of the `run` module.
Oops ! Computation of diffusion using cross-covariances only works for samples of the same statistical ensemble... As a consequence :
* Deprecation of the AugKF algorithm with diffusion computation (now 'legacy.augkf' in deprecated module)
* Deprecation of the CorDE algorithm (now in deprecated module as well)
* New implementation of the AugKF algorithm (formely AugKF_dpe) using master equation: $`\dot{b} = A(b)u + e`$ (DIFF is taken as a contribution of ER in:
- AR-1 process on ER
- Analysis on augmented state $`z= [u^Te^T] `$
Changes in observations:
* VO and GO data were added to the repository and can be used as observations for analyses.
* Dates in the algorithm are now handled with [NumPy datetime64]( This allows notably to have $`\Delta t`$ in months in the config files rather than floating dates that can have infinite decimals.
In addition:
* $`\Delta t`$ for Euler schemes and $`\Delta t_{forecasts}`$ are no longer different.
* Covariance matrices can be supplied as files in the prior folders. They will be computed from priors if not found.
* Deprecated files were put in a dedicated module that triggers a warning if imported.
* Various code improvements: clean-ups, docs written and tests added.
:warning: **This version introduced a bug in analysis_step (P_zz not scaled) ! Use version 0.5 instead (same features but with bug fixed).**
Scientific improvements of the code:
* Implementation of a AR-1 process using dense drift matrices (#42 and #48)
* Implementation of several scaling methods for dense matrices: v1 is the same for diagonal and dense AR, v2 is the recommended for dense AR.
This was possible thanks to the following improvements in the code:
* Added high-resolution midpath data as hdf5 file
* Redesigned CoreState to be able to dynamically set the measures in it (#46)
* Implemented the possibility to do the computation on a principal componenent analysis of U (PCA_U)
* The covariance of analysed states Z is computed at each analyse and now enters in the expression of the covariance matrice P_zz used for the augmented state Kalman filter.
Other minor improvements:
* Changed magnetic field key from 'B' to 'MF'
* Spectral observations are now truncated by the number of asked coefficients for computation (Nb, Nsv)
* Asking for max degrees higher than the degree of priors will raise a ValueError (#41)
* Fixed docstrings of functions decorated by with_core_state_of_dimensions
* Added instructions to run the code on IST-OAR
:warning: **Important bug fix**:
* Fixed the covariance matrices of analysed states Z that was not scaled (led to inconsistent results when using GO/VO)
Improvements towards a usable package:
* Explained the arguments of `` in
* Added an in-depth guide in `doc` to explain how to change the input data (priors/observations) and how the low-level features (forecast/analysis/_CoreState_) work (#50)
* Refactored the reading of observations/priors in separate functions that are called dynamically according to the types asked in config (#49)
* Redesigned the observations to have a single object _Observation_ handling data, operator and errors.
* Renamed _Forecasts_/_Analysis_ objects in _Forecaster_/_Analyser_
* Implemented the use of hypothesis.strategies and composite strategies as input for several tests
* Added basic functional tests of `` and other tests (coverage: 78% !)
**Important bug fixes:**
- Fixed the time sampling for dense AR matrices that led to no variation in forecasts (#54)
- Observation error matrices are now properly set for COVOBS (#57)
In addition:
- Seed arg is now working (#56): it allows to have reproducible stochastic processes **when using the same number of MPI processes**. Noising of GO_VO observations does not use this global seed but prints the seeds used in debug logs.
- Misfits between the analysed states and the observations are now saved for analysis times (CoreState-like behaviour) (#58)
- Updated GO_VO data with 2018 data
- Updated guide for advanced users
- Added some tests (coverage: 79%)
New features:
* PCA_U can now performed with energy normalisation (PCA is performed on core flow energy coefficents rather than directly on core flow coefficients)
* CoreState can now be initialised in several fashions:
* *constant*: equal to the average prior (for MF, U and ER)
* *normal*: normal draw around the average prior (variance = deviation of the prior) (for MF, U and ER)
* *from_file*: equal to the corestate of a given file (*init_file*) at a given date (*init_date*) (for all measures)
* Added higher resolution COVOBS files (COVOBS_hd). The COVOBS loading method now computes the error matrix R directly from the files rather than using a `var_*` file.
* Configuration file can now be generated from a hdf5 file of a previous calculation
Other improvements:
* Matrix inversions required by misfits computation were refactored
* Misfits of the PCA_U are now saved
* Added tests
* Updated
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